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Monday, September 20, 2010

my first cake

Even though Julie & Julia is a pretty darn cheesy (get it?) movie
(same director as You've Got Mail... you get the idea; yikes.).

And even though Amy Adams is irritating in this
(quite disappointing, since I've just started to love her,
and she's the reason I rented this goshdarn movie!).

Even though!

I STILL viewed it about five times this weekend.

Several reasons;

-Meryl Streep is hilarious (I've long stressed her underrated comedienne talents),
and moving (she always delivers, and we've come to expect that from her).
-I especially enjoyed the subtle parallels in these two woman's lives
(stress the word "subtle". the obvious ones are... well... too obvious).
-I appreciate non-fiction more than fiction.
-It's inspiring to see people do what they love (especially when they're being repressed)
-Fit your passion into your life. Even if it seems impossible, or you don't have time.
Otherwise, you're not living life (" Decide what to be and go be it " -The Avett Brothers).
-This movie is yummy. It has made me want to cook more.
SO, that brings me to;

I've been vegan for ten years now.
I deserve a vegan cake.
Not having much of a sweet-tooth hasn't stopped me from enjoying life's little rewards.
Also, I'm 28 and have never made a cake by myself from scratch before.

Vegan cake is easier to make than one might think.
What's difficult it trying to get it to rise.
It wants to stay in a thick, brownie consistency.
Which is desirable... but still, I'm trying to create a fluffy cake...
Ah well, still tasty at any rate.

Splurged on some ingredients.
Redeemable since they will no doubt be thrown into a multitude of future recipes.
Vinegars, shortenings, etc.
Had to buy a required few tools.
Mixing bowl, whisk, spatula, cake pan...

Got a little worried when I first started mixing.
Didn't seem like it would ever smooth out...

But then it did.

And, boy, was it delicious!
I felt like a kid licking the bowl.
No one was around, so I went for it.
Maybe grown-ups aren't supposed to do this after the age of seven,
but, I didn't realize how I miss getting chocolate on my face!
Being a salt-person, and vegan, I hardly ever get this kind of treat.

I baked it...
Whipped up some frosting...

And Ta-Da!

It was a perfect compliment after a spicy dinner,
and divinely paired (I'm so smart) by "Cupcake Chardonnay"
(a completely underrated, under-priced, original, kind of sweet wine,
with a mellow, light, lemony tart finish).

Only better was a small refridgerated slice the next morning with fresh, hot cup of joe.
Oh lord.
One of my favorite combinations ever.
Why haven't I done this before?
I cannot wait to discover more.

(four pieces gone. by ashley and friend)

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