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Monday, September 27, 2010


I know it looks a little weird,
but it was TASTY!!!

I sliced a potato and boiled it.
Heated up canola oil and olive oil
to sauté' onion, red pepper,
and a dime-sized bit of green jalapeno.
Turned up the heat,
strained the potatoes, and threw em on top,
salt/peppered it,
broke the potatoes apart in the pan with the spatula,
a splash of soy milk,
added cilantro,
tossed in some spinach,
squeezed lemon(!) on it
sprinkled on cheddar and mozzarella (vegan, of course),
and lobbed it onto a plate.

And filling.
Thick like meatloaf or something...
Next time i make it,
I'm going to prepare it the same way,
but add some crumpled soft tofu,
throw everything into a pie tin,
and then I'll have Breakfast Pie!

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