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Monday, August 6, 2012

jonathan gregory brandis

since it came out over ten years ago,
ang lee's Ride with the Devil has been on my list of movies to see.
finally rented it. turns out it's great film. buried treasure.
i was also impressed with the cast of underrated actors,
whom i've grown up watching, and so recognized right away.

...except for one.
a confederate with beautiful eyes, and a calm voice.
he looked familiar, but i couldn't place him...

so, i hit IMDB, and I got two great shocks;
this actor is actually one of my childhood crushes,
and he is dead.

(toby, skeet, and jon in Ride with the Devil)

(one of his photos i had on my wall when i was a girl)


born april 13th, 1976, connecticut
died november 12th, 2003, LA

actor, also screenwriter, and director of several indie films

dated brittany murphy and was her high school prom date in '95
then dated actress/singer tatyana ali (played sister on fresh prince) '95-98

died at 27 from injuries he suffered after he hanged himself
he did not leave a suicide note,
although friends were quoted as saying he was depressed about his career,
which had slowly declined in recent years
(especially when his "comeback" in Hart's War was cut from the film).
one friend admitted that jon drank heavily, and mentioned suicide.

selected work:

82 One Life to Live
87 Fatal Attraction (Party guest)
90 The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter
90 Alien Nation
90 It
90 Murder, She Wrote ("If the Shoe Fits")
91 Gabriel's Fire
92 Ladybugs
92 Sidekicks
93-96 seaQuest DSV (5 episodes)
96 Fall Into Darkness
97 Two Came Back
99 Outside Providence
99 Ride with the Devil
02 Hart's War (deleted)
03 Puerto Vallarta Squeeze
05 Bad Girls From Valley High

quotes -

"furthermore I will just have to see what the future will bring me.
but a change of food whets the appetite."

"i don't like being told someone's interpretation of something that I do."

"i try to say the right things and give the right advice.
but still, i'm only a person."

"i like strong girls."

"i hope i am also judged on my accomplishments as an actor
and not just on my pretty face!"

"i do look forward to doing things in the future that I haven't done before.
do you know what I have always dreamt about? playing a serial killer!"

"i can stand fiddling in front of the mirror for an hour
and another time i think: well heck, this is just the best it can get."

"some days I don't look my very best. mostly that's on saturday.
i'm standing there with my new clothes on, in front of the mirror
and I also don't really feel like going out. you can really see it at once.
but I think that you just can't hang around at home on a saturday evening.
when you're young, you should live out every weekend.
even if you look like a scarecrow, you just gotta go!"

"around 15 I was very sensitive about [pimples]...
i do remember that I was sitting in the make-up chair
before the shoots for a commercial or film or other,
and i thought: sometime soon they are going to make a close-up of me
and millions of people can see how many pimples i've got on my cheeks....
i even had nightmares about it.
i dreamt that my whole back was full of bulges, growing ever larger by the minute.
i did try to squeeze them and you know what came out? gallons of that white smuch.
that maybe was the worst thing that ever happened to me.
for weeks I thought about the possibility of this fantasy becoming a reality.
still every morning I take a peek at my back
just to be sure none of those red rascals have appeared. weird isn't it?"

bits from wiki, google images, and:

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