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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

personal classics

there are many movies which are referenced during conversations with friends,
or mentioned in dvd commentaries,
or on top ten lists, etc...

and then there are some films which should be considered classics,
but no one talks about them!
so, here is my list of unsung masterpieces.
they are so well put together. amazing acting.
hilarious subtle moments, and serious heart break.
they should be seen.

- The Dawn Patrol
(errol flynn, david niven, basil rathbone)

- Summertime
(katharine hepburn, by david lean)

- Little Big man
(dustin hoffman)

- The Razor's Edge
(bill murray)

- Alice
(mia farrow, by woody allen)

- About Schmidt
(jack nicholson, by alexander payne)


also underrated, though darker:

- Sweet Bird of Youth
(paul newman, geraldine page)

- The Misfits
(marilyn, gable, clift)

- I'm not There
(by todd haynes, starring everyone)

- Down in the Valley
(edward norton)


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