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Friday, March 9, 2012


he knocks my argyle socks off.

he's rich. clean. and BAD.
i love him.

in general, i hang on james spader's every word,
but especially as Steff in the film Pretty in Pink.

for years, my look was dramatic.
black eye shadow. red lips. long jet-black hair.
over the last year, i've slowly matured into a whole new look and lifestyle.
this transformation became apparent to me late one night a few months ago;

i had been drinking, smoking, and paused some movie to use the restroom.
well, when i glanced in the bathroom mirror, i started hysterically laughing.
this was NOT the reflection i was used to seeing.
instead, there was this ...preppy,
as accentuated by my new horn-rimmed glasses
and men's crisp white dress shirt
(to which i've become accustomed to lounging/sleeping in).
i was simultaneously tickled and proud.

what made it even funnier was the realization;
i'm totally rockin steff's hair cut/color!

(of course, i don't wear it feathered like this. but still.)
heh. just sort of happened by accident.
...or did it?

... there is also something to be said for the other two boys in the film:

more steff appreciation:

dress shirt photo from:

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