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Friday, March 16, 2012

go George, go!


photo/story from The Washington Post

Amnesty International activists, and members of Congress
were arrested for blocking the entrance of the
Sudan Embassy.

The blocking of the embassy entrance
was in protest of Sudan's continuance to block aid
from reaching the suffering people of its country.

nick instilled in his son, george, the importance of politics and backbone.
so, it's got to make them both very proud to have been arrested together today,
and bring attention to the ongoing genocide in sudan.

previous quotes -

"It is not merely your right but your duty to question your government."

george has visited Sudan multiple times over the years
and met with the people there.
"It gets in your bloodstream and you have a responsibility to them,"
he told Woodruff after testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
from this video

When the pro-war lobby fought back he was initially unnerved.
"I remember when they were picketing the movie theatre for me
and I called my dad and said, 'Er, so, am I in trouble?'
And he's like, 'Shut up. Mohammed Ali went to prison for protesting against Vietnam,
and you're worried about making a little bit less money? Grow up. Be a man.'"

"I remember having a big fight with a guy named Ed Weinberg
on the set of a sitcom called Baby Talk, which was my big break.
Connie Selleca was on it and I remember having a big fight with Ed
because he was a rat and he was doing rotten things and treating people mean.
I called up my agent and said 'What happens if I walk?'
and he said 'You'll be sued.'
It continued on, this bad treatment of everybody else
and I thought 'you know what? It's worth it'
and I thought I would survive and I walked.
Weinberg said you'll never work in this town again and threatened to sue me.
Columbia threatened to sue me.
ABC threatened to sue me.
But it was the right thing to do.
It was the first time, as an actor, that I got to be a man,
which isn't always easy to do,
because a lot of times as an actor you have to go 'this crap I'll eat.'
And you have to draw a line in the sand.
Most of the time you're forced to move or adjust that line.
What I realized was if you draw a line in the sand
and you actually stand by it.
In general, your career won't end based on one move or one decision.
It's incredibly freeing.
Suddenly it meant I could do what I wanted to do.
Suddenly it made it much easier for me to try and do different projects
and try to do different things that I thought were the right thing to do.
It was certainly a moment of clarity for me.
- from this interview

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