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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

vivre dans l'instant‏

July 11th was one of my most peaceful days ever.

It’s been a stressful last few months.
A terrible break-up started an avalanche of giant, life-altering decisions.
New budget, new maps, new outlook, hair, clothes...
My mind’s been busy either analyzing the past or planning...
Couldn’t recall the last time I was unrushed or content.

Then, it completely snuck-up on me,
as things do when one stops looking...

It was after bicycling around town on a mission for new jeans.
In the most downtown of Seattle,
there’s a clearing on 4th and Pine.
Just a simple open space,
some tables and chairs,
a hot dog joint,
a fountain,
old people playing chess,
teenagers skipping class (during the week).

I stopped and bought a veggie dog,
took a seat and started to eat,
when i found myself in a most remarkable moment;
Instead of worrying or plotting or even thinking,
I was blissfully clear-minded and content.
Happy, even.
Comfortable in my own skin,
with the people around me,
everyone’s kind disposition,
the weather,
my appearance,
my apartment,
where I have been,
where I’ll be going,
and most importantly;
completely present in the moment I was living.
Appreciating every breeze.
Every quiet plane distant in the sky,
the people who are surely looking down from it.
What a great taste Dijon mustard and ketchup make,
thanking whosever idea it was to carbonate grapefruit juice,
that it got made, and bottled, and arrived, and in my hand.
Grateful to each person for strolling by in an unrushed manner,
for behaving and being relaxed together,
for belonging to me, and belonging to them,
for sharing the sun and sidewalk and the city.

Remarkably, on a gorgeous 75 degree Sunday,
there were no tourists around
(you can spot em, once you’ve lived in one place long enough).
It was just for us Seattleites.
Our city belonged to us.
It embraced us.
Even the homeless were in a good mood,
looking up at the birds and such.
Everything is OK at this moment!
It’s warm outside!
We have a neat Space Needle!
Folk music has made a comeback!
Our president is cool!

Completely enjoying the moment,
I took as long as possible to eat my hot dog.

I took these pictures in attempt to capture some of it,
and to not forget (not that I could, but).

I’m already nostalgic about Seattle...
appreciating it as much as I can.

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