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Friday, April 9, 2010


The one state I don't want to go to.
I strongly dislike hot weather, sun, water, sharks, weird bugs, planes, etc.

One of my best friends, Adriaan, moved there about 2.5 years ago.
We write letters and call, but still miss each other terribly.
In December, to our delights, he came to Seattle and stayed with me for a few days.
So, at the end of April, I'm going to go to Florida and stay with him
(and also see Jack White playing with The Dead Weather)!

Now, I find myself terribly excited to go!
To see my dear friend again,
but also, because of the change of pace this will bring in my life:

1- I never get to travel.

2- I've been dying my hair black for the last 5 years,
and Adriaan's going to get my hair Jean Harlow platinum (if not, then red)!

3- Because their weather is opposite of Seattle,
I'm happily overwhelmed when I think of all the plants, flowers, birds, smells, buildings, people, clubs
that I've never seen/felt/heard/smelled before!

(this incredible bird only lives in Florida. of course, it's their state bird)

4- Adriaan's birthday is April 24th, and mine is April 30th.
That week can be the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

5- I want to eat shark.
I've vegan, but they've been a huge phobia of mine,
so, I would like to have the upper hand, and digest some of it's flesh.

So afraid of sharks, am I, that I wouldn't even swim with adorable dolphines.

5- Spending time alone on the plane.
Just read or write or sleep or think or listen to music
or DO NOTHING and allow my mind to unwind.

6- I get to drive for an hour or two.
I awfully miss the zen of driving.
We're going to rent a car,
since we're by Tampa, and The Dead Weather show is in Orlando.

Last night, I bought my first swimsuit in about 17 years.
Looking forward putting it on, strolling the beach with one of my favorite people,
drinking wine, laughing, and watching the sunset.
Where are the gators?! Bring on a (little?) hurricane!
...Oh my god, what a paragraph! ...Goodness, I've changed already...

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  1. thanks for following and the photography advice! you definitely reminded me that i needed to take more pictures of the details of the clothes, so thanks! i'll keep that in mind for my next outfit post!


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