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Monday, September 12, 2011

my june trip to new york city

in a nyc cab.

i can't tell, but i think i'm really excited.?

a few things were on my list to definitely visit

1. teaNY's (moby's restaurant)

the deserts were vegan heaven!

the cheesecake was to die for.

2. times square

a huge selection of my favorite makeup.

walking to The Rumhouse, i ran into anderson cooper. that was cool.

i had just missed the piano player,
but i still enjoyed the bar's vibe.

3. new york public library

turns out our hotel was literally right across the street!

i found out the library's backyard was bryant park!

i was in complete awe the ancient relics on display at the library.
(and for free ?!)
my mouth was literally hanging open.
first thing in the glass case was little stamp-sized stone tablets.
then, i read the plaque, and it said 4000 B.C.
i could not wrap my brain around that.
everything there was amazing.
letters and portraits of george washington.
a draft of the constitution by thomas jefferson.
film of the first movie every taken.
film and prints taken in 1969 on the moon.
hitler's book, signed by hitler.
sheet music by beethoven.
virginia wolfe's walking cane, and her last writing.
...they also had some neat american pop culture things.
dylan's written out Blowin in the Wind lyrics.
dust bowl blues records

i didnt think we were supposed to snap photos, but i just had to capture kerouac's possessions

this especially tickled me, because in my pocket, i had the exact same lighter and color.

4. greenwich village

my favorite night was wondering around the village,
hitting random jazz clubs. meeting people. having drinks.

it was a real blast.
only, i didnt feel like i was visiting at all. i felt right at home.

5. my friend's old stomping ground

it killed me to leave new york.
i've got to spend more time there.

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