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Monday, October 11, 2010

just had my first dream about cooking

A hobby (or fixation) has officially become a part of my life,
only once I've dream about it.
That's when it's apparent how important something/someone is to me.

Here's some stuff I made this weekend;

- A basic New Orleans' gumbo recipe.
Instead of meat, I added avocado bits,
and between spoon fulls, I nibbled on a corn tortilla.
It was scrumptious!
My new comfort food.

- Another chocolate cake (Version 3.0).

Looks like this cake might end up being my Mona Lisa
(a life-long work in process)...
Each time, it usually improves,
Every time, I learn something(s).
This time, the frosting was less grain-y,
and decided I'm going to throw chocolate chips back into the next batter.
I don't care if it makes it rise less,
it's worth having little chocolaty surprises.

- My first apple pie.

It's actually more like an Apple Crisp Pie.
I don't have a rolling pin (yet), so I had to buy the crust.
It turned out incredibly savory.
The baking smell alone is a knock-out!
No apple-pie-baking candle can top the real thing.

- My first Lyonnaise Potatoes.
Possibly the best Hash browns I've ever made.

Slice half a Idaho potato,
cover on low/medium in canola oil,
for about 10 minutes on each side,
salt & pepper,
add sliced red onion, cover again for 10 more...
throw in chopped cilantro,
uncover on medium for a few minutes to crisp it up!
It was so delicious.
One of those meals, where you eat it slow, because you don't want it to be gone.

It was relaxing weekend of good cooking.
fueled by both the French Chef episodes I've been watching,
and the satisfaction I get from preparing and eating these creations.

Tonight, I'm going to hang my pots on my kitchen wall.
Oh boy!

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